This is the first of a series of feature releases expanding the capabilities of Suppliers in OrderCloud. It is part of a larger vision of enabling Marketplaces, where independent Suppliers (who typically own product catalogs) can interact with independent Sellers (who typically own relationships with Buyers).

Specifically, this release introduces Supplier-Owned Products and Catalogs.

  • New property on both Product and Catalog: OwnerID. This is the ID of the organization (Seller or Supplier) that created the Product or Catalog. Read-only. Potentially useful to Sellers as a list filter. NOT visible to Buyers via /me endpoints.
  • Sellers can see all Supplier-owned Products and Catalogs in their network, but cannot edit them.
  • Sellers can assign Supplier-owned Catalogs to their Buyers in their entirety.
  • Sellers can cherry-pick Supplier-owned Products to add to their own (Seller-owned) Catalogs.